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Neal's Yard Dairy, famous for their cheese expertise, supply us with a fantastic selection of British cheeses handpicked from small individual dairy farms specifically chosen for their consistency and quality. Neal's Yard hand turn and wash every cheese individually, they have methods specifically tailored to them for maturing their cheeses and have different cheese rooms for each stage of maturation. These are all constantly monitored and the cheeses sampled daily to keep a consistent standard of flavour.

This exceptional attention to detail means a Neal's Yard Colston Basset Stilton is not the same as your average Colston Basset Stilton.

We also sell a wide range of sumptuous and creamy fresh, plain and flavoured yoghurts, organic milk, creams and fresh cheeses, for example your mascarpone and your cottage cheese.

Our freezers are full of local handmade ice-creams in many different flavours, all of which are available in family sized pots as well as indulgent single portions.

Our Beechwood farm eggs:

Everything free-range!

It's all about the hen and the ability to express her natural behaviour. This includes roaming outside, dust bathing, laying her eggs in a nest and roosting at night. Beechwood hens have access to the outdoors from sunrise to sunset. This gives the eggs a distinctive deep yellow yolk making them the perfect Sunday breakfast. We also stock quails eggs, duck eggs and seasonally goose eggs.