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Store Cupboard

Fruit & Veg

We have a great selection of fruit and vegetables, we focus on what's in season and food miles, so it's not in season and available in the UK, we won't get it from outside the UK like some other stores might. This also means we can charge our customers a good price as we are not paying a premium for items not in season. There are some items that we simply cannot get from the UK that people require all year round such as oranges and bananas.


All our bread is delivered fresh daily from a local baker, we have lots of variety including multiseed, farmhouse, spelt and wholemeal, sliced is also available.

We have a delicious selection of fresh cakes delivered from local Rosebud Bakery and Crosbies Cakes.


Our wine comes from Berry Brothers, a local supplier and we have a fine selection of wines, we have carefully selected each bottle to ensure there is a wide range to suit all budgets and pallets.

Beer lager cider

We stock a variety of local beers, lagers and ciders, including beers from the popular and local Loddon Brewery and an organic cider from Vintage Roots, only a couple of miles from us.


We keep well stocked on our store cupboard items, we have a lovely range of jams and chutneys, including honey collected from hives on the Estate. We are also launching our own range of jams and chutneys soon so keep an eye out for those!

Products include, stocks and sauces, marinades and rubs, a good selection of rice and pastas, everything you need to accompany your meat and vegetables.

Free from...

We also have a wide range of free from products, and if there is something you require that we don't stock, we can try our best to order it for you.